Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Man Who Did Something

Seth was on the sun deck when he heard the clanking and decided to go around to the front of the house to investigate.

It was a small brown-skinned girl who looked about the age of three, running through the front field, shirtless with unkempt hair. The clanking came from the bell that was attached to the dog collar around her neck.

Seth suspected she came from Inland Forest where people had built large huts and set up tents and made traps to catch the animals. Why a forest person would wear a collar, he could only speculate.

He rushed toward the girl and when he got close enough, she bit him in the thigh. He could've gotten angry. Instead he took a deep breath of the clearest air in the country and, as he did so, his heart swelled huge.

The girl began to sob, for both her legs were bleeding. Unbeknownst to Seth, she had tried to glean aid and comfort from her oldest brother in the forest, but he had only yelled at her to shut up and kicked her in the stomach. Seth crouched down to speak with her in soft tones and whispers, and when he knew enough trust had been established, he gently removed the collar that had been chafing her. He took her inside to draw a bath, and when the blood was washed off, he wrapped her in a towel still warm from the dryer.

She wouldn't speak much, so he gave her paper and markers. Soon his fridge was full of her handiwork and it gave him all the more joy. "Carry on, my little angel, as fast or as slow as you'd like."

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