Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Sapphire felt a round, spongy object in the grass. It was last week's hamburger. "You guys, I don't think this is the secret but maybe we can use it for something."

"That depends," said Sara. "How many pickles are on it?"

Sapphire was afraid to check.

Leigh noticed her hesitancy. "I'll do it. You'd think there'd only be one." The bun fell off as Sapphire handed it over.

"If there's more than two pickles on it, maybe I'll put it into Mom's soup," said Sara.

Leigh glanced at Sapphire. "Maybe means yes."

Sapphire said, "It does? Is this all in my head? Please help me. When is this soup thing going to happen?"

"Whenever the time arrives," said Leigh.

Sara leaned over to get a view of the hamburger. "Three! Perfect."

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