Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Opening the Package

Sapphire returned with three boxes of batteries—one purple, one gray, one pink.

"Those will last you a long time. Nicely done," said Leigh. "You going to stay?"

Sapphire sat down next to her and played around with the loose piece of brown paper. "Here," she said.

Leigh took hold of it. "Sapphire?"


"Forget the gutter and the top of the roof," she said. "I want you to go higher." She unwrapped the package slowly as if it were the finest pleasure, a delicate work of art she was afraid to break, and when she got around to lifting the box flaps, hundreds of dark octagon-shaped objects the size of quarters burst through the opening. They ricocheted from the ceiling and walls, bouncing off the girls and coming back again.

"What's happening?" asked Leigh.

"This is familiar," said Sapphire. "I call them the blockers, but I don't know if they even have a name."

"Why would we get a package full of blockers?" asked Leigh.

"The actual contents of the package are still in the box, I think," said Sapphire. "At the very bottom, probably. Too many blockers in the way."

Leigh shielded her face with her arm and knocked a small load of blockers aside with her elbow, reached in and said, "Found it."

"That's it!" Sapphire said. "How did you do that? Oh my God!"


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