Sunday, May 17, 2015

Boy, Trampoline, Book

I've been trampolining often because our little guy, Trevor, really likes it. He is five. A week or so ago when the weather was cooler he asked if he could watch me do some flips and I was wearing my hooded sweater so whenever I landed (usually on my butt) my hood would go up over my head, covering my eyes. He laughed.

Yesterday he had several soccer balls on there and he said, "You can't touch the balls, Mom." But, of course, they rolled and bounced into us and there were so many we couldn't avoid them. There was a pink ball in the mix as well, one of those that you sometimes see inside large cage-like containers in department stores, but it wasn't ours which means it must've come over the hedge from the neighbor's yard. I think Kevin threw it back over later.

Trevor likes to dare me to double-bounce him as high as I can, and he shows me his tricks which sometimes include his pants falling off. One of his favorites to play with me is 'Ring Around the Rosie' and sometimes his sister, Tamara, jumps with us and we play trampoline tag.

I'm fascinated by the wisdom that can be gleaned from a five-year-old. Last night I read a tongue-twister, Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss. At the very beginning the fox holds a sign that reads "Take it SLOWLY. This Book is Dangerous!" Trevor giggled and said, "It's not dangerous. It's only a book!"

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