Monday, April 20, 2015

Soft-Served Sweet with a Dash of Bitter

Dayna wasn't well the last time I saw her. I had no idea. It was all that cheese she had chopped into cubes, stuffed into that small round tupperware container. I mean, if you are healthy then you can chop some cheese. Obviously.

The thing about Dayna? She always wore that huge puffy jacket. You could throw a bunch of pointy rocks at it and they would just bounce off like she didn't even notice. It was so incredibly soft. And next thing you knew she'd be giving you a piece of gum from her pocket or else a five dollar bill. Sometimes she'd even offer to buy you some automobile magazines or do your homework for you.

I felt somewhat guilty about this after a while, when I grew up a little, so I figured it was only fair I start to offer her something. Maybe I could make it up to her, you know? I took her out for ice-cream during lunch hour. She sat there in my passenger seat, all smiles and sort of bashful, but cute as heck like a child getting to stay up past her usual bedtime.

She was smart, but sometimes she'd say things that didn't seem to match up. Or she would hang out with people who didn't fit her style. And she was insecure, you could see that, but she had a braver side. I once saw her catch a garter snake with her bare hands.

I only saw her angry one time, and she was super mad. At me. Or herself. She was trying to impress me, I found out later, with her acting skills but she accidentally knocked off my watch and it landed in the creek. I yelled at her to turn around and get it back for me before it floated away or sunk. She wouldn't do it, so I yelled at her again and she fell in the blackberry bushes. When I helped her up she muttered something about her neck getting sliced open, even though it was fine, so I grabbed the watch myself and tried to console her. She wouldn't respond.

And now? I wonder if there's something I could've done to change her mental pathways because if I could only tell you one thing about Dayna it's that she's one of the sweetest people I've ever known. I suppose I could've given her ice-cream more often.

It's okay.

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