Monday, April 6, 2015

A Glowing Encounter

Anastasia had just finished bathing in the calmest part of the river she could find, and had just ever so slowly put on her summer dress after drying off, when Harris popped through the thicket carrying the black scarf she had left at his place during the youngest of all winters.

Tiny fairy-like creatures, almost too small to be seen by the human eye, were flying all around her in zig zag patterns, glowing through the haze of pollution. Harris thought she appeared to understand what their patterns meant, for she was smiling and listening intently. So intently, in fact, that she almost didn't notice him.

"Hi," he said.

She broke out of her reverie and looked upon him with delight.

"Your scarf," he said. When he stepped toward her, holding it out, five of the tiny creatures flew straight at him, fast and furious.

"Aah!" he shouted and stumbled backwards.

She felt like apologizing, but she didn't because she was trying to break her self-defeating habit of being sorry for things that weren't her fault.

"These little glowing guys like to think they are my bodyguards," she said. "Mostly they're only protecting me from myself. They know my weaknesses." Then she crouched down and began to draw something in the sand with her finger while singing a made-up tune. The singing summoned the flying creatures back to her. All except one, who flew into Harris' ear and was trying to find a way into his mind. Anastasia wasn't worried.

"I came too late," Harris said, while scrunching his face and holding his hand to his ear.

Still crouching down, she said, "No. You're here at exactly the right time. You can come closer now, if you want. Do you want to see my drawing?"

He did so, still holding his ear. "I hope you keep up your drawings. You're worth it. Be unstoppable!"

Anastasia believed he was being genuine. She gathered some sand, packed it into the shape of a heart, and began to stand up and give it to him but the creatures flew into her cheek. And she knew.

She felt a tear rolling. "Thank-you so much. I hope you keep the scarf. Come again and look at my drawings as often as you like."

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