Saturday, March 7, 2015

composition 30

Go with the flow of the foot traffic on the street
Watch out for oncoming children and elderly
Or turn around and face it all again

Because I know that you will do just as you'll do
Also not what you want to, what you want to do

Mercy, compassion, and comfort—these things we seek
Water to quench us and honey sweet on our lips
Spirit of Life to fill our weary souls

Because I know that we will do just as we'll do
Also not what we want to, what we want to do

I want to tell you, my friend,
This prayer I pray for you
That your heart will sing freely
As it's meant to do
People might call me naive
But I believe all will be restored
La la la

Pick up the papers and read the sad, baddest news
All of the fights and the bombs and the broken glass
Then fix your gaze on the everlasting Christ

Because the world needs loving-kindness
Yes, it does. We can do it. We believe, we believe

I don't understand this Mystery I proclaim
Temptation is to explain, explain, explain, explain
Forgive me, oh, the nuisance that I am

Because I know that I will do just as I'll do
Also not what I want to, what I want to do

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