Friday, February 6, 2015

Slam Dunk

Sebastian lied flat on his back, in the grass, beside and below a hammock that hung between two maple trees. He pushed a basketball up into the air from his chest and caught it again several times before extending his right arm and slamming it into the hammock.

That was the last he saw of it.

When in the kitchen he told his older brother what happened he refused to believe it. "What? You mean, like, it disappeared inside the hammock?"

"Yeah, come see! There's nothing there. It's gone." Sebastian led him to the hammock and said, "See?"

"You're tricking me. You hid it somewhere."

"No, I dunked it and it completely vanished!"

But the older brother still refused to believe it so he ran all over the yard, searching. When he returned empty-handed, Sebastian was leaning over a large pile of triangle shaped petalite crystals, some gray and some yellow.

"Where did you get those?" demanded the older brother. He was furious.

Sebastian said nothing and pointed to the hammock.

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