Monday, January 12, 2015

Step Through Fear

One of the blessings I've been given during my artistic journey is a freedom from worrying about what other people think. That kind of worry started to take its toll on me in high school, continued to be a problem as I got older and began to paralyze me during my depressive season. I felt trapped and didn't have a strong sense of identity.

At that point, the best way I could take care of myself was to step through my fear with creativity in this public space. If I had written and made stuff only in private, transformation by the renewing and healing of my mind wouldn't have happened. I needed other artists and writers. I needed to read their blogs, receive their rebukes and challenges as well as their many encouraging words. The Holy Spirit works in all of that, teaching us to discern, reminding us of the spiritual freedom, forgiveness and love that's always here.

Now it's my turn to offer encouragement and to challenge you. Take a step. Share a small something... and then another and maybe even another. Don't be a quitter.

Be courageous instead.


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