Saturday, January 3, 2015

Again in My Kitchen

I've been trying to get Pompadour. It's a line of expensive kitchen products and it's all the rage right now, apparently. I used to have something like it back before the disasters. I wish I could have it again now but I can't get my hands on it no matter how hard I try.

I have an option. I can settle for Case-to-Case along with Hael. They're quality brands already here in my bottom drawers and in the lower cupboard next to my fridge, the one that won't close properly. Sometimes I get debilitating leg cramps bending down for them but I won't let that stop me because I can sit my butt on the flowered linoleum and reach for them that way. The Hael simply waits for me in the cupboard that won't rightly close, easily accessible. It's not going to save my life or anything but it's a brand I can lean on until I get on my feet, so to speak. And even then it's not going to grow legs of its own and run away.

I get mysterious bruises on my arms and it's tempting to blame the Case-to-Case but I must be missing something. Have I been blacking out? I really really don't want to admit it, but I'm fairly sure that's a problem.

My cheeks feel like they're on fire and my counters are all crummy. I don't know what to do now except wipe them off and continue this difficult navigation through my kitchen. Case-to-Case with Hael can go with me.

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