Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mess of Colors

Joleen is passionate about art. She loves looking at it. She does a wee little bit of mess-making herself but her paints are apart. The pink is nearby and blue is a couple rooms away. Her blue paint has a flaw called anifozicks.

She gets frustrated with pink. It's a supportive color, in its own way, when she puts it next to her primary colors. But, really, she doesn't enjoy playing with pink.

Just like the blue paint, one of her crayons has anifozicks—the orange one. She loves that one a lot. It has its own place, but needs care even though it works fine. If she doesn't wrap tape around it regularly, it rolls into figments and phantom colors. She can tell when it hasn't been taped. One time they couldn't find it. She was terribly frightened, but it turned up in the drawer among the toothpicks. She hopes her orange one never vanishes like that again.

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