Saturday, November 15, 2014

dear diary - page one

Ferdinand dumped the contents of my jewelry box into the toilet. I managed to salvage some pieces but they smelled bad. I thought hairspray would help get rid of the odor so that's why I went down into the cellar. I know what you're thinking: why would I keep hairspray in the cellar? It's because Molly-Ann put it there.

She annoys me to no end. That whale. She keeps putting things where I don't want them. I have to try to tolerate her for many reasons, one being that she was my babysitter for many years and I owe her big time for that. Besides, she keeps my gemstones at her house when I go on vacation. And, trust me, I need my vacations.

Ferdinand has the same gemstones as me but he doesn't stay near them like I do. He just takes pictures of them from a distance. He went and got a different jewelry box before he was even done with mine. It's weird, you know. He won't officially separate the gold ones from the silver ones. Maybe it costs too much energy. Maybe he doesn't want to deal with a vendor. He could want to see my jewelry box again. I hope he wants that, but he probably doesn't. I don't know.

Now I'm not down in the cellar anymore. I'm on the bottom floor where the tic tacs are. Gramma thinks I should suck on two at a time, but I like only one. I intend to tell her next time I visit her.

My neighbor, the one who's a nurse, rang the doorbell this morning and jabbed me with a syringe. It was the flu shot, but she didn't even ask me first. Why did she do that?! It hurt. I'm scared she's only pretending to care about me, that she doesn't honestly want the best for me. She's nice, though, to give me seashells from her trips to the beach.

I could start my laundry now. I don't think anyone's going to get mad about that.

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