Friday, October 10, 2014

Mother Hen

She comes to me, her voice like a gentle brook, a tender smile. Long tendrils sway when she walks.
She likes the color blue. She's becoming a nurse.
She surprises me with notes and affection, spontaneous knocks on my door, calls and invites me to
come and join.
Praise is on her lips. And she draws attention to the ache that's inside all of us. This yearning.
This hope.
She bends low to pray, holds her hands open to receive the Highest Love.
She sifts lovingly through my speech and mannerisms, pierces holes through my melancholy. There's holiness in her laugh.

I'm like a sponge, collecting. Filling, squeezing out. Soaking it in again, relieved to leave the clunk and clamor of high school behind.
We gather often. All of us. We pour compassion, we teach one another, we love, we grow. We sing.

My tears fall now when I remember

dorm 2D
year: 2000
Trinity Western University


Cindy said...

Leah - this is beautiful and so well written. Those university days were the best for me also - I, too, remember with much fondness and joy the times spent with such loving Jesus people. Can never get those days back again but I try to be loving and make a difference in the lives of others to bring JESUS to their world. Hugs to you!

Leah Schouten said...

Thank-you, Cindy! I hope I get to see you soon. Hopefully on one of these Wednesdays coming up.

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