Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Be Still

As I've been thinking and praying about what to write today, a verse has been surfacing. "Be still and know that I am God." It's in Psalm 46.

Being still and being aware of Divine presence can be hard for anyone who doesn't normally do much contemplating, but I think it's important for our own sakes, as well as for others, that we stop and acknowledge we aren't the ones in charge, that it's okay to let go of trying to control our lives and instead just... be.

For me, being still is like celebrating the air. The air is what I so often take for granted, but when I stop and pay attention to it my whole focus changes. I don't need to try to change the air, just simply rely upon it. And that's what Christ is like—invisible, but always here. Being still in His presence reminds me how much I need Him, that I can't keep going on my own and it helps me live more peacefully.

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