Thursday, June 5, 2014


Remember me mentioning we were going to visit different churches once in a while?  A couple Sundays ago, we attended a small gathering that meets in a gymnasium.  It's been planted by Christian Life Community Church.

When we first walked in we were greeted at the building's entrance by a couple of people and we got to meet Naomi for the first time.  She wrote down our children's names and explained there would be a kids' activity/learning session in a separate area part way through the service and that ours could join in if they wanted.

Tamara was excited because her friend was there and I chatted with a couple of mothers I recognized from her school.

Being first-time visitors automatically made us the minority, but I felt comfy and only slightly nervous.  Kevin appeared to feel okay, too.

After some worship songs we were invited to "Koinonia" which is the Greek word for fellowship.  During that, we drank coffee and socialized for about ten minutes, sent the children to their session.  Next we watched a video sermon.  I honestly don't remember any of that, but the pastor got up after and spoke for a few minutes of the passage about how when one or two are gathered in God's name, there He is with them.

They do Life Groups which they advertise as places of belonging and support.  We will probably get involved in one of those in September when they start them again for the school year.

I felt safe there.  People treated us like we were already members, and we'll probably visit them again some time.

This past Sunday, I took Trevor to our own little church again.  Kevin opted to stay home with Tamara.  Probably a wise decision because he's been working six days a week lately and sometimes it's helpful to simply stay home and relax.

We picked up a few groceries in the afternoon.  I enjoyed smiling and talking to strangers in the store.

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