Monday, April 28, 2014

today i weeded

I put on my gardening gloves and crouched, baring my buttock cleavage to the sky.  Critters scrambled to find new hiding places as I pulled the weeds.  Spiders, worms, a centipede, a fat caterpillar, a shiny beetle.

I liked the feel of tiny roots ripping.

A couple of larger ones were stubborn.  They were dandelions.  I didn't mind their yellow flowers but they needed to go, so I dug down with my fingers around their white tubers.  They were stuck.  When the roots are big I like to remove them whole so you can imagine I was slightly disappointed when they broke.

No matter.

The children pulled out the dead sunflower stalks with ease.

I went inside to Kevin.  "Honey," I said.  "Garden's ready for the rototiller."

Now I wait for him.

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