Sunday, April 6, 2014

the coffee machine

I've been attempting to descale our Tassimo coffee machine.  The red signal light went on months ago but we didn't feel like figuring out where to get descaling solution.  It kept producing coffee, despite the red light, so we procrastinated until our machine stopped functioning properly.  Half cups, then quarter cups, then a few measly drops.

I did what I could.  I bought descaling powder, followed instructions.  But because we didn't deal with the red light situation immediately, our machine is now ineffective.  You see?  Actions—or in this case, lack of action—bring consequences.

Thankfully, though, we face the likelihood of getting a whole new machine.  Kevin says there's a better variety of flavors for the Keurig brand.

I'm excited about this.

There will be some sort of process, I know.  Maybe there will be awkwardness in deciding exactly which model from what store.  Will we need to heat the water before pouring it into the reservoir?  And, of course, there will be an expense but that won't be a hardship for us.



Anonymous said...

I have a Tassimo too Leah, I wish I had bought Keurig also. kim

aroundgray said...

ha! howard Shultz, founder of starbucks, always signs his emails 'onward'. that is amusing in a post about coffee.

Leah Schouten said...

I had no idea!

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