Thursday, November 28, 2013

the parking space

Emma-Lou was quite certain a man in a silver truck had followed her to Decades coffee shop and she sensed he was going to slip through the door any second.  She was probably right because she had excellent perception.

And anyway, the evidence was there.  He parked two spaces away from her, leaving the one space in between so as not to make himself obvious.

Emma-Lou's date, Walter, rose from the corner table to greet her so she tilted her chin and parted her lips slightly without smiling.  That's what made her look best in photographs.  He only blinked and rubbed his cheek when she did it which probably meant he disapproved.

Emma-Lou giggled and, between her thumb and forefinger, rubbed the tassel on her purse.  They exchanged pleasantries and headed to the till area, but why didn't he compliment her on her sweater?  And where was the baseball cap she had given him on their last date?

The man from the silver truck entered through the side door and came up behind them in the line.  She felt his eyes searing into the back of her head.  He was probably with the FBI, though she didn't know why he would be after her.  She was a good citizen.

Emma-Lou elbowed Walter and whispered she wanted to go to a different place.  Her heart was beating too rapidly and what if he wouldn't go on anymore dates after this?  But she had no choice.  She had to get away from the FBI agent.

"Alright," said Walter.  "Which way is west from here?"

Emma thought it must be some kind of test.  No matter.  She smiled and pointed with certainty.

Walter didn't have the heart to tell her she was pointing south.

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