Sunday, November 10, 2013

running on empty

Phil laughed.  "You're pissed off again," he said to Sylvie.

He could tell by the way she squeezed the stem of her empty wine glass.

"Yeah and if I'm pissed off it would be in your best interest not to laugh at me!"

"You're just mad because you expect people to be good to you all the time.  Don't you think you'd have more fun in life if you expected the opposite?" said Phil.

"Expecting the opposite would be depressing," said Sylvie.

"I don't know about that," said Phil.  "People are selfish and stupid, myself included.  I expect them to do idiotic things, and because I expect that, I don't usually get surprised when they say something that could be considered offensive.  I can just overlook a lot of stuff and keep on treating them the best I can anyway."

"Easy for you to say."

"I'm just trying to help.  Here you are, all judgy about Oriana for letting some little offhand comment escape from her lips.  But you have to admit that having a crappy attitude towards her is all around destructive, for yourself and her and anyone who is subjected to your complaints about her."

"I have perfectly good reasons to have my crappy attitude towards her!  She's insufferably talented at her stupid guitar playing and public speaking.  Plus, she gets so much attention from men because of her big boobs.  It's sickening," Sylvie said.  "And another thing!  She complains about the teachers at her son's school.  That really chokes me.  If you don't like what's happening, then get involved!  Don't sit there complaining about it.  I mean, here I am working my buns off and she just sits there looking pretty and playing her frigging guitar."

"Well, you see?  If you didn't expect her to always say and do the right things, you wouldn't be so offended and we'd be having a more pleasant conversation.  Your jealousy's not helping anything either.  It's only hurting you and keeping you from having a good friendship with her," Phil said.

"Now you're defending her!  That ticks me off, Phil."  She let go of her empty wine glass and it shattered on the tile floor.  

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