Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Facebook Whine

Amelia held a glass of white wine in her hand.

"It's cool that you like Scott," said Jessika.  She held a glass of red.  "He's an awesome guy."

"Yeah," said Amelia.  "But I can't go through with it."

"Why not?"

She turned and glanced at the bottle of red wine behind her.  "There's some fishy stuff going on in his family.  It really sucks, so I say screw it."

"What kind of fishy stuff?"

"The brother-in-law, Lance, keeps whining on facebook about some thing that happened like ten years ago.  It's sort of annoying and I think it would be great for everyone—especially himself—if he could look at things more positively."  She shook her head.  "It's a messed up situation."

"That's too bad.  What's the thing that happened?"

Amelia took a sip.  "Well, from the sounds of it, Scott's parents were all upset that Lance liked football."


"The night he got engaged to Rayanne—Scott's sister—the parents were acting like it was the worst thing that had ever happened to them and tried to call off the engagement."

Jessika took a sip.  "That's rude.  Wait, why would Lance whine on facebook?  Can't he just talk to them in person?"

"It looks like when he tries to talk about how he feels, what they do is get very defensive and argumentative."

"I hate those kinds of conversations," said Jessika.

Amelia swirled the wine around in her glass and pulled an empty one from the cupboard.  "Rayanne was treated like the shit on the bottom of their shoes, all because of Lance's thing for football.  As Lance was doing his facebook stuff I could see his emotional health was going down the drain and I was getting a bit concerned.  But you know what bugs me?"


"Scott's family wouldn't even do anything to help Lance when he was down.  Instead, they got more defensive and blamed him all the more."

"Are you kidding?" said Jessika.  "I'd be depressed, too, if someone ruined my engagement because of something as inconsequential as a sports preference.  Getting hitched is supposed to be a happy occasion, a once-in-a-lifetime thing."

"I hear ya.  And I can't help wondering... why the battle?  I mean, if their family truly cared about peace you'd think they'd do the obvious and apologize to the poor guy.  Why just stand back and watch him suffer on facebook, then pour salt in his wounds?"

"Yeah, that's mean."

"And there's definitely dishonesty going on.  I mean, somebody's lying," said Amelia.  "And I don't want to take any sides, I just want to see this thing get resolved.  And I want them to know how beautiful they all are."

"I appreciate your loving heart, Amelia."

Amelia raised her glass and Jessika followed suit.  They clinked glasses.  Then they poured the two wines into the empty glass, watched the red and white splash into clouds that swirled and glistened.

"Um... Jessika?"


"Is that a dead crow on your porch?"

Jessika turned and followed her line of sight to the sliding glass doors.  "Yeah, it is."

"It has no head," said Amelia.

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