Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Big Red Nose

There once was a very short man who had a long beard, and his name was Murphy.

He had a big red nose.

And on his big red nose there was a white bump, and on the white bump there was a fly.

The fly liked to say, "Buzzy wuzzy fuzzo luzz."  And Murphy liked to hear it.

One day he was walking along and a little girl noticed his big red nose.  "Excuse me, mister," she said.  "You've got a white bump on your nose and there's a fly on it."

"That's alright.  I like the fly," said the very short man named Murphy.

And the fly said, "Buzzy wuzzy fuzzo luzz."

Then Murphy went home and washed the dishes.  While he was doing that, he saw his friend Ralph through the window so he waved.

Ralph came closer, tapped on the window and pointed.  "Hey!" he yelled through the glass.  "You've got a bump on your nose and there's a fly on it!"

"That's alright!" Murphy yelled back.  "I like the fly!"

And the fly said, "Buzzy wuzzy fuzzo luzz."

The next day was Saturday.  Murphy was at the park.  Along came a gentleman who was trying to walk his dog.  The dog was jumping around and slobbering.

"Hello," called the gentleman who was still far away.  "Nice red nose!  Is that a white bump on it?  And is that a fly?"

"It's alright," Murphy called back.  "I like the fly."

And the fly said, "Buzzy wuzzy fuzzo luzz."

When the gentleman got closer, the dog barked and jumped up onto Murphy.

The fly flew away and the white bump disappeared!  Murphy's eyes grew wide and filled with light, then he smiled the biggest of big smiles as he rubbed his fingers all over his beautiful smooth nose.

           The End 

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