Monday, September 16, 2013

The Hidey Hole

"I'm sorry," said Wes, "for hurting you on your birthday."

"It's okay," said Angela.  "I'm sorry, too.  Anything to do with numbers tends to go over my head and I don't remember much."

Wes looked over at the wooden door at the base of the giant fir tree.  "What are we doing now?"

"I don't know," said Angela.  "He's been hiding in there for an awfully long time."

She was referring to Stanley, of course.

"Why's he so afraid?" said Wes.

"Because he's human and there's a lot he doesn't understand," said Angela.  She crouched down and gently moved her hand back and forth across the tips of grass blades.  "I'm sure you'd agree with me we don't have the power to get him out of there."


"But we can still participate in the beckoning," she said as she got up.

"I'm not sure how," said Wes.  "At least he talks with you when you open the door.  When I try that, he says nothing and cowers in the darkest area he can find."

"True," said Angela.  "If he knows you're standing here with me right now so close to his entrance he's probably trying his hardest to pretend he doesn't exist."


She paled.  "Wes!  Your arm!  Your scar!"

He raised his limb.

"It's ripping open!" said Angela.  "What on earth?  You're bleeding!"

"Ugh," he said.  "I have to take care of this, Angela, before I participate in any beckoning."

"Okay," she said.  "Could this be the participation initiation?"

"I don't know," he said.  "It's the unseen that is the most important, so you could be right."



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