Wednesday, September 25, 2013

at the Jeffersons'

Roger whipped it out and peed on the strawberry patch.  Mama wasn't impressed but Virginia cackled so long we thought she might split her dress.

I could always tell where Virginia was on account of her cackling.

After Roger peed on the strawberries we all walked over to Benny's for ice-cream.  Roger got ice-cream on his nose and Virginia cackled.  It was always him doing the screwing around and her doing the cackling.  As for me, I guess you could say my role was subtle.

When we finished the ice-cream, Mama said, "Now that you've wet your whistles let's go to the Jeffersons'."

Now the Jeffersons had one of them weasels.  No, not a weasel.  What was it?  A ferret.  A long flexible creature that didn't seem to have any bones.  Mama thought it was gross.

Well, Roger ended up nearly squishing the poor thing to death with his big fat rump.  It got away and scampered into the washroom to hide behind the toilet.  Roger and Virginia, they were both cackling.

I could absolutely see the humor in it, but I had forgotten how to laugh.

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