Thursday, August 15, 2013

The House of Hiding

"Where's your lipstick, you whore!" Naylon Fenn yelled as he opened and slammed washroom drawers.  He chucked various items over his head, letting them crash against the shower wall.

Luna stood blinking and silent in the hallway.

When he found it he ripped the cap off and lunged at her.  Frightened as a rabbit, she tried to scamper away but he caught her by the arm and slammed her down.

"Ow!" she said.

"It's good for you," he said.  "It's your discipline."

When he smeared the fuchsia graffiti lipstick over her mouth, she almost didn't notice due to the pain of her shoulder blades pressed against the hardwood floor, his arm heavy like bricks on her chest.

Then came the knocking.

Naylon got off her and snarled, "Go ahead!  Answer the door and show 'em what happens when you cheat."

Luna composed herself best she could and turned the knob with trembling hand.

"Hi."  The girl wore sparkly eyeshadow and jeans torn at the knee.  She flicked hair out of her face and held out a catalogue.  "Have you heard of Integri Lite?  It's a company that makes candles."

Luna accepted the catalogue but didn't respond.

If the girl noticed the violent lipstick job, she didn't let on.

"I could get some products from my car and give you a presentation."

"Oh.  No.  We're not interested.  Our house has enough light in it."

"Okay."  She began to turn, hesitated, then turned back.

Luna said, "Thanks for the catalogue, though."

The girl looked her up and down, then moved closer and said gently, "Hey.  You probably don't want me to tell you this, but... I'm not gonna keep silent."

Luna recoiled and closed the door.    

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