Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Sacred Meeting

"Are you a spy?" asked Jenny.

Dan laughed.  "Not really."

Then silence.

"I'm sorry," she said.  "I would like to be more cheerful for you.  Maybe you've heard the old adage, 'A cheerful look brings health to the bones.'"

"It's okay, Jenny," he said.

She squeezed her eyes shut.  "I'm hurting again."

He looked disappointed.  "Pain usually isn't a very good communicator."

"They say I'm just doing it to myself, and I think they could be right."  She began to cry.

"When I saw your picture I thought you were beautiful.  Now here you are beside me and I can tell you my eyes did not deceive me."

Jenny sneezed.

"Bless you."

"Which eyes are you talking about?" she asked, though she already knew the answer.

He nodded.  "The ones you're thinking of."

"Dan?" she said.


"Sorry about what I told you on the phone yesterday, about it being weird."

He put his finger to his lips and offered a nearly inaudible hush with gentle gaze.  Between the thumb and finger of his other hand, he pulled at brown thread that trailed from the bottom edge of his sweater, and as he did so Jenny's pain traveled to the periphery like a swarm of insects suddenly dispersing.

"Oh," she said.  "The thread.  It's attached to my sweater."

Dan let go of it and took out his wallet.  "Look," he said.  "It's my wonder card."

Her pain became a swarm again.  "I've heard of those cards," she said in quiet voice.  "Give me time."

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