Monday, June 17, 2013

This Then That

Gramma, who was still recuperating from her recent surgery, poured red wine into two glasses and sat.  "Before I make a toast," she said, "I have something serious I want to say."

Raymond, who had a napkin over his head, let out a long sigh.  When was she not serious?

"It's important not to behave like a stuck-up brat," she said.

Raymond gripped the edge of the table.

"It's One for all, not One for the 'good' people," she said.

As she began to raise her glass, Raymond slammed his fist down.  "Hey, you're blaming me for causing divisions when you're the one who's so serious and depressed all the time!  It's not only my fault, you know!  I'll tell you what your problem is!  You just don't know that everything is your fault!  The good and the bad... it's all your fault!"

Gramma tilted her head, wishing she could see his eyes.  She paused because of a sudden, incoming headache and said quietly, "I already know I'm not a good person.  You only have to flip through the pages of my diary in order to see that."  She picked it up to show him, even though he couldn't see it on account of the napkin.

"Oh wait, no, that's not what I meant at all," said Raymond.  "Yeah, there's no such thing as a good person.  Look, I just wish you could enjoy your life."

Gramma smiled.  "You know, I'd like to be on your team."

The next day, they were at the table again.  "You forgot to make a toast yesterday, Gramma." 

She got up and shuffled over to the whiteboard on her fridge.  Raymond had a napkin over his head, as usual, but he could notice the faint pop of the lid coming off her dry-erase marker.

She circled an area on her whiteboard and said, "This here is dangerous and futile."

"Ugh, stop attacking me!" said Raymond.  "You're exaggerating and it's getting ridiculous and so much of what you're saying is not true.  I'll even prove it!  I'm actually a really good person!  Can't you see that I'm totally fine?"

Gramma peered over the rims of her eyeglasses.  "I don't think you're fine," she said.  "I think you've been badly deceived."

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