Thursday, June 6, 2013

musca domestica

Diotrephes grew up inside the Enhanced Gravy League, otherwise known as EGL.  He went to EGL school and attended evening classes to learn from the EGL book of precepts.

He wore a white fedora to the three EGL meetings he attended every Saturday.  The meetings were structured and the speaker long winded.  Children were forced to sit through them if they were old enough, and they filed into their seats, unsmiling, like silent robots.

When Diotrephes got older he loved to be in charge.  During meetings, he sat in the very front on the bench designated for leaders.  He doled out punishments for anyone who admitted doing wrong and was sure to inform them of any wrongs that were accidentally glossed over.  He also punished anyone who wouldn't admit the faults he pointed out.  And if someone missed too many meetings she was thrown out of the League.

He was an expert at EGL discipline and the book of precepts could solve everything.  Strict adherence to it could keep the EGL members from peril.  Attention to any outside opinions was prohibited.

That's how Diotrephes became more and more prejudiced, merciless, and scared.

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