Sunday, December 9, 2012

three fish and fake leaves

We got another fish for our small aquarium on Friday and I love her.  She has one black eye and dark splotches all over her body, along with touches of gold and shiny white that goldfish typically have.  We call her Finley.

Watching our freshwater pets has become one of my favorite ways to relax.  In the evening I had trouble locating the splotchy one.  Finally, I realized she was hiding behind the synthetic plant.  She lingered precariously behind a fake leaf, wiggling her beautiful body to and fro as if she were distressed or suffering.

The other two, Goldie and Spot, swam in the open.  Not always smoothly, of course.  Sometimes they bumped into one another or became preoccupied with their reflections on the tank’s wall.

I thought the two of them might woo Finley out from hiding, using some special language known only by fish.  A girl can imagine all she wants, right?

In the picture, if you look closely at the plant’s reflection you might see a tiny part of her tail fins.

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