Tuesday, December 11, 2012

my perfect day!

I ride, standing up, on the back of a super duper speedy hippopotamus who takes me into a magical forest that smells like freshly washed bed sheets and pine trees.  I jump off her wide, gray back into a humongous, soft layer of moss.  Tiny fairies float above me.  While I roll around giddy, they sprinkle laughing dust all over me and it feels refreshingly cool on my warm skin.

I get up with no effort at all and I run, my stunning blue dress flowing along with me like the undulating fin of a luminous fish.

My friend comes into view in the distance.  We run toward each other, laughing, and we're not the least bit weary.  We greet each other in a warm, hearty embrace—a hug that's neither too tight nor too weak, but just right.  We rise in the air like vibrant hot air balloons, high above the trees, and we're gathered into a cloud.  Birds that never poop fly along with us as we're carried to a giant picnic table in the sky.

All my loved ones are here and we're all smiling!  And our mouths never get tired from the smiling.  Rainbows, transparent and wet, surround us while we dine on our favorite foods.

We are all filled with light and joy, and our bodies are weightless.  The musical laughter of a multitude of barely visible angels echoes unsurpassably in our ears.

We are finally free. 

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