Tuesday, November 13, 2012

coffee! wooooo!

Ages ago, before I even realized Tim Hortons existed, I was tagging along with a group of peers and I remember them discussing what to do for the evening.  The restaurant was suggested several times and I thought, who is this Tim Horton guy and what’s so great about him?

I was a proud non-coffee drinker.  I didn’t need it to "get me going" in the morning and, anyway, it was bitter.  I was content with tea and secretly enjoyed saying, “I don’t drink coffee,” whenever it was offered to me.

Someone kind and generous, as well as ignorant regarding my non-coffee status, surprised me with a Tim Hortons’ iced cappuccino two summers ago.  We were watching our children at a playground and it tipped over leaving me with only a few sips, a taste sufficient for me to see it was good.

A few weeks later I was enduring one of my many lethargic mornings when I thought, there’s no harm in sampling a small iced capp.  I consumed the entire thing, got a major buzz, then said, “WooOOOoooo!  So this is why people drink coffee!”

In the course of two years I graduated from periodical iced capps to english toffee cappuccinos to french vanilla ones, and by the beginning of this month I was ordering an extra small at the drive thru about three times per week.

Then it happened.  On Friday after a slow and rough morning with two children (Tamara’s day off from school), I really wanted my extra small french vanilla cappuccino.  But I really didn’t want to herd the cats (er, I mean children) into my golden chariot.

So, here is my big news:
I brewed my very own regular coffee with our shiny black Cuisinart.  It smelled divine.  And it wasn’t too bitter for me, seeing as though I added a gigantic dollop of honey.

Evidently, becoming a coffee drinker means becoming a coffee spiller, but I’m okay with that.  While I was writing frantically in my notebook this morning, I accidentally sloshed some onto the page.  Now it appears as if I painted it there with great purpose and I’m rather fond of it.

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