Thursday, September 20, 2012

the unexpected visitors

Tonight at our little church, our music group was finishing the second verse of a hymn called Crown Him With Many Crowns, and I was accompanying on the organ.  As I was blasting out the music, I sensed a presence behind my right shoulder, so on the final note of the verse I lifted my hands and turned to see a curly haired man smiling at me.

I love it when strangers arrive unexpectedly.  "Hi," I said to him.

"Um... my friend and I are on kind of a mystery tour and he's brought me here.  He has cerebral palsy.  Can we come in for about half an hour?" he said, with an accent (Australian, I think).

I beamed.  "Of course!"

I suspected his friend was none other than Luke, the only person I know who has cerebral palsy.  And I was right.  During his birth twenty years ago, the doctor made a terrible mistake.  As a result of that mistake, Luke is confined to a wheelchair and cannot speak.

The curly haired man, Paul, pushed him in and we all gazed at him in awe.  His arms and legs were strapped to the wheelchair and his bare feet seemed to reflect the light.

Amazingly, his computer enables him to communicate via a special kind of sticker placed on the middle of his forehead.  With the move of his head, the cursor glides across the screen and clicks on words.

"Will you pray for cerebral palsy?" the computer voice said.

We gathered around him and he began thrashing around in his chair with gasps and groans of excitement.  We put our hands on him and prayed for miracles.  All the while he seemed to become more and more excited.  When I began to speak a prayer, he thrust his head toward me and made more throat noises.

"I want sing Here I am to Worship," the computer voice said.

I settled at the piano and we sang.

Next, the computer voice said, "Come, Now is the Time to Worship."  And we sang some more.

We all went home, blessed and thankful.

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