Monday, August 6, 2012

no, He didn't

Jesus DIDN'T say:

- When someone wrongs you, get him back.  He deserves it.

- This is how to get to heaven: go to church.  It has to be every Sunday.  And if anyone starts skipping church, you must punish him.

- When someone even remotely appears to disagree with you on what Scripture says, treat her like she doesn't exist.  That will teach her not to be different from you.

- Gather as much wealth as you can and hide it or spend it on yourself.

- I look at outward appearance rather than a person's heart.

- If someone from a different background starts coming to your church, do not make any attempts to get to know him.  Don't ask questions about his life.  Don't make the mistake of accepting him because he might infect you with the devil's diseases and ruin your family.

- Ignore the poor.  It's their own fault they don't have any money.

- Quick!  Get that speck out of your neighbor's eye before she uses her evil powers to jam a log into your own.

- I only came to save a certain group of people.  I don't care about anyone else.

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