Sunday, May 6, 2012

gustatory musings

I'm a blog monkey.  With cotton fluff in my head.

Every day I face the slobbery pink internet tongue with its millions of taste buds that promises to lick me clean and tuck me peacefully into bed.

Except it can't.

Yet its information bits travel into my soft little brain and, as if playing some kind of crazy game, it strips me of my comfort and stirs up the restlessness of my reason thereby provoking me to think about my faith—however imperfect it may be—until…

until fear has climbed to a mountain peak in a beautiful and toilsome journey, making me vomit into the kitchen sink for a week.  A physical manifestation, perhaps, of poisonous thoughts dispelling.

Yep, I'm a scrawny monkey.  I've been licked.  Now I'd like to do some licking.

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Don't delete this one.

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