Tuesday, August 16, 2011

backyard miracles

The water pours gently out of the hose, sparkling as sunlight dances inside its clear stream.  Blobs of wet light rush to the grass, splashing as they hit, bending the green blades, then they disappear into the brown earth beneath.

African daisies, in yellow and orange, stretch up from the garden cheerfully.  It's the kind of joy that speaks of glory and heaven.

The children's sweet voices sound out while their soft beige toes navigate through dirt and grass.  Those feet!  Those little feet, not yet hardened or made rough by life's unpredictable terrain.  My young boy cries now.  His heart is so easily broken, but he heals as quickly as he breaks.

My daughter runs to me with curls bouncing and words bubbling from her lips to ask for a bath.  If only we would all ask to be cleansed like this.  Our weary souls need it.  We're much too proud to notice our filth, much less ask to be rid of it.


Anonymous said...

wow,once again inspired by your words. "The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Leah Schouten said...


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